Stand Alone Watchdog


The standalone RS232 watchdog box is your systems and peripheral applications protector! RS232 Watchdog box provides user selectable refresh timer to be used inside your PC, which prevents the computer to hang by automatically resetting the system of your computer, it is also monitoring RS232 control lines and detecting ring indicator signal from MODEM, which prevents the computer and peripheral to hang by automatically resetting your computer and peripherals.
The RS232 watchdog box is an external device that connect between your computer and MODEM, when the RS232 watchdog box is enable, the system software or application program must refresh watchdog before selected time slice is reached, otherwise the computer will be reset, and the power of power control box that connects to peripheral devices will also be reset. To refresh watchdog timer, there are three modes can be selected, one is command check mode which requires application program to use command to refresh watchdog timer; Second is communication check mode which refresh watchdog timer automatically while Transmit Data (TxD), Data Terminal Ready (DTR), and Request To Send (RTS) signals are activated; Another is ring check mode which reset system automatically if ring no answer is detected after preset ring count.
In the distribution diskette, we provide software for Windows/95, Windows/98, Windows/NT4.0 workstation, and Windows/2000 operating systems.